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Torque Goniometer Ⅲ

The torque angle of a club is measured.

Moment 1feed x 1pound
Digital Angle Instrument
Increment 0.1 degree
Output Not available
Power source 9V Alkali dry cell 100hours life
(In the rear cover)

How to measure a torque angle.

A setup before measurement.

1.Initial setting
1)Turn Weight table(1 pound) by 90 degree this side
2)Put clamp2 on elevator
3)Put a weight on the Weight table

Measuring method.

4)Rotate knob and raise up elevator
5)Set club (shaft)

Usually, put head-part on clamp 1 and bat-part on clamp 2
6)Set clamp length (Slide on the rail)
7)Clamp the club (shaft)

Loose clamping may cause sliding. On the other hand, too tight clamping may break the club
8)Get down elevator
9)Switch on the instrument
10)Zero setting by pushing ALT-REF button

Display changes in one second after setting
Pay attention not to push clamp 2 when switch on

11)Take out the weight from the table
12)Torque angle should be displayed on the instrument by 0.1 degree increment

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