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High performance Swing Balancer

Everyone can treat as the treatment is easy.
Because electricity is not used, it is possible to use it anywhere.
The breakdown is few because of a simple design.
Model Balance type Limit type
Type ・B-02 type (right and left) L-01 type/L-02 type ( right and left)
Minimum scale value ・0.2Point 0.1Point/0.2Point
Range of use A0~F0 Z0~F0
Mechanism ・Machine type oil pressure damper
Size 600W×180D×140H(mm) 600W×180D×440H(mm)
Weight 7Kg 9Kg
Use ・0 points are matched.
・The club is put.
・The balance of the club is matched.
・A set value goes out.
・Balance setting of club
・The club is put.
・The error margin with a set value is seen.
・A set value goes out.

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